Top 10 Weirdest School Rules From Around The World

10. Japanese school rules

The ultra-strict school rules of Japan seemed a little harsh, but the Japanese credit education system as the reason the country excels in areas like tech and finance for starters. People have to go to school a lot. Receiving only a five-week summer holiday. Many students use that time to work on homework or school projects, anyway it’s better than it was though. Schools used to be open six days a week. In 1992 the government said students could have Saturday off as well as Sunday to relax. However many schools ignore this rule and continue to open on Saturdays. While they’re at school, pupils work hard and we not talking about schoolwork. At the end of the day, children clean the school. Including dusting, mopping, cleaning the chalkboard and scrubbing the bathrooms. Finally in these turbulent times where Japan is threatened by North Korean nuclear weapons. Even elementary school children have to practice emergency bomb evacuation drills. They go to the street and squat down while their teacher checks everyone is accounted for. Let’s hope they never do this for real.