Top 10 Everyday Things You’re Consistently Doing Wrong

10 Charging your phone

There are quite a few phones charging myths doing the rounds. One of these is that you should let your battery get to the point of dying. But where you start to recharge it the thing is charging a lithium battery for an extended period of time actually wears it out. According to battery university, which is itself run by a battery company called Caidic smartphones are subject to stress in a similar way that smartphone owners are. Additionally, once your phone is 100% charged keeping it plug in only serves to increase its stress levels. As it gets trickle charges to keep it at 100% while it is charging. This keeps the battery in a high-stress state and gradually wears it down. It’s the human equivalent of running and never-ending marathon. Battery university recommended that you should charge your phone when it loses 10% of battery life and stop charging it just before it reaches 100% so it is not affected by those pesky trickle charges. Another thing you probably haven’t realized is that you should also take off your phone’s case on certain models when charging. This is because some cases can cause the battery to overheat and wear out your battery’s life. So charge your phone naked and short burst is a way to go