Top 10 Things That Mysteriously Vanished Without A Trace

10. Flight 19

This vanishing happened at the end of 1945 over the incredibly infamous Bermuda Triangle. Five crewmen TMB Avengers were running a routine assignment named navigation problem one which was an exercise involving bombing and navigation. Radio conversation confirmed that the pilots had finished their exercise as one of them asked permission to drop the last ball. They began making their way home. Let’s slowly realize that they couldn’t pinpoint exactly where they were. As the day slowly turned to night. Air bases were alerted that there was a group of five planes that were lost and a squad was sent out to look for them. From the reports of the planes locations prior to their disappearance combined with the conversations between the original flight and the flying boat that was sent out to look for them. Investigators only reasoning for the disappearance of the group of pilots was that the PBM aircraft were prone to accumulating flammable gasoline vapors and so they must have exploded mid-flight. However, this is the only reason they could find and it still isn’t proven. It’s also extremely unlikely that all five planes disappeared on the same operation due to such an error and so the official reason for the disappearance is unknown