Top 10 Things That Mysteriously Vanished Without A Trace

9. James Bond DB5

Goldfinger was a smash hit film around the world. People couldn’t get enough of the suave and super cool James Bond character and what a lot of people loved about the film was Bonds DB5. It was an amazing car. Designed of course by Aston Martin specifically for the Bond film. It posted bulletproof windows, revolving license plates and perhaps the most famous aspect of the car, an ejector seat. This fame was not without its price. Aston Martin produced two cars for the filming of Goldfinger. One – a normal one and one effects car with the bond features built in it. Surprisingly enough after production had wrapped up, the car was stripped of its special features and sold as a normal DB5. However, a buyer reinstalled its effects at a later date. It was in 1997 when the car was stolen from an airport hangar where it resided. After an extremely exhaustive search was implemented to rly and salvage the car. It was then confirmed that the car was completely lost and the insurance company reportedly paid out four million dollars. An extremely big price tag that would shock even Mr. Bond himself