Top 10 Things That Mysteriously Vanished Without A Trace

8. Queen Victoria’s parliamentary mace

If you’ve ever watched footage of British MPs discuss politics and legislation in the houses of parliament. You’ll know that it’s incredibly big deal with a lot of old archaic traditions. Still upheld since Parliament began. One of these traditions is a golden mace that is laid on the table between the two parties as they quibble about how to run the country. If you see any footage of the houses, then you will see this mace in all its glory. But did you know that the mace that was placed in Parliament when Queen Victoria was in power was stolen? In the early hours on Friday the 9th of October in 1891, someone snuck in and swiped the mace. Upon learning of this, an inquiry into the crime immediately begun. A lot of suspicions rested on parliament member Thomas Jeffery. Who was seen running from the houses with a large package on the afternoon of the incident? Though after police turned his house upside down looking for it. It was confirmed that he was not to blame. There were even rumors that the mace had been taken by a group of MPs and placed in a brothel in a little plank that had gone completely wrong. But it’s real whereabouts remains a complete mystery to this day