10 Airplane Secrets Flight Attendants Don’t Tell Passengers

10. Weird seat numbers

The majority of airline seats are tiny and we all feel that pressure of frantically to hunt down your seat number without holding everyone up behind you. Have you ever flow on row 13? Probably not. This doesn’t apply to all airline, but a growing number do not have a thirteenth row in a plane, and it’s all because of superstitious flyers. It’s thought to be the unluckiest number. What are the chances of the 13th-row oxygen mask not working, where the window falling out or something equally as dangerous? Realistically, your chances this happening is no different to sitting in any other seat. But plenty of passengers are not happy to take the risk. This is such a big deal for some, that airlines now have skipped the row completely and go straight from 12 to 14. However, it’s not only the 13th row that doesn’t exist anymore. The seventeenth row doesn’t either on a certain airline. It’s considered an unlucky number in Italy and Brazil. So to keep passengers happy and calm, it’s no longer there either. Next thing you know, we’ll be getting rid of Gate 13