10 Airplane Secrets Flight Attendants Don’t Tell Passengers

9. Dimmed lights

It’s a common misconception that plane lights are doomed during takeoff and landing at nighttime to stop the light shining into nearby buildings. We wouldn’t want to wake anybody up of course. Ignoring the loud noises that planes make anyway. In fact, the reason why the lights are dimmed at these points is completely different and not necessarily one you’ll want to hear. The plane is most likely to crash or have an accident during these periods. Meaning you’re more likely than ever to have to evacuate the plane during takeoff or landing. This isn’t too bad we’ve may rather jump a few feet at the window than from a thousand feet in the sky. But it’s still not ideal! When the lights are dimmed our eyes adjust to the surroundings. If you have to make an emergency exit from the plane, you’ll be better equipped to do so if your eyes are already matched to the darkness outside. Instead of seeing glaring lights seconds before you’re outside the plane. Your body will react better to the consistent darkness. As a result, you’re more likely to survive. We don’t think we’re going to complain about having to use the reading light ever again after finding this out.