7 Crazy bicycle you have to see to believe

7. Halbrad Half-bike     

These days it seems like everything is getting smaller, from our apartment’s, electronics and our paychecks. Our cars are getting smaller too as is their trunk space. If you own a bicycle, you’ve probably noticed that your trunk we usually only hold about half your bike. Too bad you can’t ride around on half a bicycle. Or can you? Actually, you can! If you happen to own a Haldrad half-bike, created by German-born inventor Felix Kruschardt. Halbrad German for half bike or half wheel is exactly what it claims to be. Half a bike it’s only about one meter in height and 79 centimeters long. Weighing in at just 9 kilograms. The Halbrad tiny handlebars are located behind the seat with sits atop of small frame connected to one standard sized rear wheel and one small pedal is driven front wheel. At first glance with handlebars behind the seat you think the Halbrad will be hard to ride, but its really easy. This is a bike you could pretty much take anywhere. But in Germany at least there may be one small problem. As reported by the local all bicycles must have two independent brakes, according to German law. The Halbrad has only one for now.