7 Crazy bicycle you have to see to believe

6. Snowboard bike 

Have you ever had someone look at you sideways? That’s usually not a good thing. Unless you’re riding one of the world’s most unusual bicycles, the snowboard bike. From Boston inventor and multi-patent recipient Michael Killian. To ride the snowboard bike the rider actually sits sideways, turning the head forwards as if riding a snowboard. Even the pedals are operated in a side facing position. A safety bar helps hold the rider in position. The snowboard bike involves both wheels in the steering process with a separate handlebar for each wheel. This results in a smooth swooping motion while moving forward. Perhaps the biggest difference from riding other bicycles is that because the rider is actually moving sideways instead of forwards. The rider must use from front to back balancing instead of normal side to side balancing traditional riders experienced. This adjustment together with having to steer both wheels with separate hands makes riding the snowboard bike a mesmerizing experience. Word of advice, if you’re out cycling and happen to see Mr. Killian going by, try not to get so distracted. You fall off your own bike.